Agent of Change.

Yes, we need more training, tools and certifications to do our jobs better.  But those things won't be enough.  Change in our industry will come when we, as agents, realize just how critical our role is to our industry, our communities, and our business.  Change starts with us understanding and grasping where we all fit in this real estate web, and how we are the connectors for every other entities operating in our space, including our peers in the industry.  

It's time we change the narrative.  It's time we bring life back to a sales driven industry.  Change will come when agents and brokers will see themselves more as a conduit for change, rather than sales people.  We are more than the houses we sell.  It's time to let the world in on this truth. 

Our industry is in dire need of an awakening - one that is not driven by greed, self-glorification, and commissions.  We are more than the houses we sell.  We can, and must become agents of change.