A Guide To Inman Connect (NYC) 2017

Conference season is upon us, friends!  
If you're in the real estate industry, there are couple conferences happening between now and mid-April 2017 that are totally worth considering/attending.  One of my favorites, of course, is Inman Connect - it changed my life so much! (See previous posts).  

Inman Connect is happening again - and this time, it will be in NYC from January 16th-20th.  I am humbled, and happy to say that I will be attending again, and look forward to meeting some of you.  

If you're new to Inman Connect in general, or if this is going to be your first time attending Inman Connect NYC (ICNY17), here's a good guide from us Inman Connect veterans:


Seeing you soon, friends!  

Billy EkofoComment