Iman Connect Takeaway (ICSF16)

I just returned from Inman Connect SF (#ICSF). This was particular special to me because a year ago, I was a first time attendee, and through the care and generosity of Inman Ambassadors, my team at Century 21 Redwood Realty, and the rest of the Inman Corporate Team, Connect has become an essential part of my real estate experience, and development. Coming back to San Francisco as an Ambassador was both an honor an a privilege - one that I would never take for granted.

But this post is not about me. It’s about the things that are currently shaping our industry, and shaping us as real estate professionals. The greatest call to action this week as been a return to authenticity, and embracing what still differentiate us from any other industry - our humanity.

Real estate professionals are people. We bleed. We suffer losses. The world may look at us and see perfection, but between the smiles, the “just sold” posts on social media and other platforms, the selfies with friends and celebrities, we are still very much people. Our ability to see the world around us, and empathize with its suffering and humanity is what makes us such rare treasures - this is why everything we do ought to be centered and designed for the needs of others.

Call it Human Centre Design - “a creative approach to problem solving that starts with the people you’re designing for, and ends with new solutions that are tailor made to suit their needs”. (IDEO)

There were many takeaways from ICSF this week, but there is one that really caught my attention - it came from Sasha Farmer:

“Get out of Judgement, and into Curiosity”.

Curiosity begs for additional questions, research, and connections. It pushes you to seek and embrace the different. It will either reinforce what you know, or cause you to question it all. Curiosity is part of the creative process, and what better source for creativity than humanity itself.

Curiosity lead some of us to Glide in order to understand homelessness, and its impact on San Francisco. It lead Alyssa Hellman to move to a completely different state, and start her life over. It lead Joseph Rand to question the very essence of training in real estate. It lead Andrew Flachner to explain Computer Vision. Curiosity lead Gary V. to question the use of the internet, and how it would benefit his father’s business operation.

Curiosity compeled Brad Inman to look at his granddaughter, and wonder about her future. Curiosity makes you see more in others.

Curiosity welcomes humanity, and places others before self.

Humanity must drive everything we do in Real Estate, because it compels us to be better agents, better brokers, designers, and better professionals. We’ll give better service not because we’re service providers, but because we’re humans.