#LaborDay with the Berenbaums

One of the many things I treasure is to have a boss that cares not only about my professional development, but also about my well being.  Since joining Century 21 Redwood Realty as a full-time staff, Eddie Berenbaum has been more than just a life coach to me - he has been a friend, and a mentor.  In fact, he was instrumental in bringing my family from the DR Congo to surprise me in San Francisco last month at #ICSF - I'm still in shock that this actually happened. 

Since getting back from SF, we haven't had the chance to hang out.  Well, that changed yesterday.  A great barbecue, and a walk to historic Georgetown brought a nice closure to a month long celebration of life, friendship, and of course #C21redwood.  

Thank you again, Eddie and Jenny Berenbaum for hosting us!  #Moyo to you all!

Billy EkofoComment