From Lisbon, With #Moyo

I became a real estate agent at the end of 2013, and shortly afterwards, affiliated with a very progressive, forward thinking real estate company by the name of Century 21 Redwood Realty.  The fact that we were part of the Century 21 brand meant that we also had a global presence, and was certainly a great asset to my business.  I spent the following year building my brand as an agent, and looking for ways to make myself more visible locally - because real estate is local and having a local presence is key to your growth as an real estate agent - and the Redwood Realty brand was, and still is amazing in that regard.  There was another side of this branding that I never tapped into it  - the Century 21 portion of our company name - perhaps because it became more of an afterthought for me.  

3 years later, and now on staff at Century 21 Redwood Realty, it took a trip to Lisbon, and four amazing interacting with top agents and brokers at the Century 21 Iberia Conference for me just to realize just how amazing, vibrant, and powerful the Century 21 brand really is.  The conference was an grand display of brand loyalty, affinity, and an absolute validation of the tremendous opportunity a global brand can be for your business.  

My wife and I arrived in Lisbon on February 8th.  We didn’t even leave the main terminal, and were already greeted by the Century 21 brand.  It was everywhere - near a coffee shop, on a stand alone sign next to an airline company counter.  Century 21 was there when we looked up, down, and looked around.  I immediately felt as if I was part of something bigger - that I belong here, and that I was about to meet a distant relative for the first time - someone who I only shared part of a name with.  

For the next 2 days, I got to spend time with my extended Century 21 family. I met cousins, sisters, uncles, brothers, sisters, that I never knew.  We spoke different languages, greeted each other with kisses, performed a Century 21 Haka, and raised our Ginjinha glasses shouting “Moyo!” on a street corner in Lisbon.  I cheered for Spain and Portugal’s top Century 21 producers.  I learned what is to face adversity, losing everything, and still find the strength to carry on, thanks to the amazing presentations by Javier Iriondo, and Joao Garcia. It was a touch of perfection.  

Most of all - I saw people who were genuinely passionate and excited to be part of the Century 21 brand - so much so that wearing the iconic gold blazer became a badge of honor rather than something which should be left alone in your closet.  I saw people display a level of confidence, and appreciation for all the technology, and tools that the brand provides, and how it is positioning them for even greater success.  I saw Ricardo Sousa, CEO of Century 21 Spain and Portugal - a Century 21 leader and celebrity by my account - personally touching the lives of his agents.  I saw agents from different countries cheering for their fellow Century 21 agents earning top awards.  

Four days is not enough to visit Lisbon, and 2 days is not enough to enjoy the C21 Iberian Conference - but it is enough to be reminded of just how far the Century 21 brand can carry you beyond the boundaries of my local and national market, and that maybe I should not shy away to say Century 21.  

Our brand is unique - and it is a honor and privilege to be part of it.