Are You A Real Estate Rockstar?


I was asked this question earlier this week.

“I want you to tell me why you’re a real estate rockstar”

I didn’t know how to answer it — and frankly stumbled through my answer. “I’m just a guy in real estate industry trying to do the best that I can for my company, and my agents”.

“But surely, you must have done something extraordinary for someone to recommend and suggest that I speak with you”.

“Not really — like I said, I’m just someone in the industry trying to make a difference. I personally don’t think there’s anything special about me”.

I could tell the person on the other line was getting frustrated. It didn’t help either that the phone line was not the greatest at all. When your main job requires you to speak with quite a few people on a regular basis, you can sense almost immediately when someone is either satisfied with the phone conversation, or looking more for a way out.

“Billy, the phone line isn’t really great — why don’t I call you later on today?” “Sure thing — I’ll be available around 4:00pm. Would that work?” 
“Ok, bye!” 
That was her way out.

I have been thinking about this call all week, and played it several times in my mind. In our industry, there is a fine line between self promotion and humility. Maybe I was trying to be less self promoting by keeping my ego in check in order to make room for a more meaningful conversation. I always go into these types of interviews with a topic of conversation regarding either an opportunity of a deficiency in our industry. Those conversations are usually prefaced by small introductions — mainly stating who I am, what I do, and little bit about my background. What makes me a rockstar is not a question that I particularly know how to answer — mainly because of the label’s composition: Real Estate, Rock and Star.

When I think of Rock, I think of something that is solid, immovable, anchored, and unshakable. 
When I think of Star, I think of something bright — luminance that even in its death still shines brightly. 
When I think of Real Estate, I think or real, powerful, emotional decisions being made by people, families, companies, brokerages — and those licensed, and highly qualified professionals guiding said group of people and businesses through making those decisions.

Can I honestly say that I am anchored? 
That my spirit is unshakable? That I shine brightly ? 
That I can guide agents and non agents alike — through making emotional decisions affecting their careers — their lives?

To think that I am capable of all those things would undermine the countless outpouring of support, compassion, love, encouragements, prayers, sacrifices, tears, hope, and generosity that certain people in this industry have graced, and continue to grace me with on a daily basis. For they are my anchors. Their spirit are unshakable. They shine brightly — everyday — and even when they’re no longer here, they still shine. I am who

I am I today because someone thought that his/her foundation should be shaken, bitten and broken so that someone like me could have a rock to stand on. 
I am who I am today because someone thought his/her spirit or way of looking at the world needed to be challenged in order to anchor my spirit.

I am who I am today because someone thought of me worth his/her luminance.

If I don’t answer your question, it’s not out of disrespect, or me looking for a way out.

This label costs a whole lot to someone. And until I can honestly say that I have made the same sacrifices and concessions for someone else, my answer will always be the same — No.

Billy EkofoComment