Take a Chance On Me

I spent a year or so selling real estate before working as a lead manager.  During that time, I got the “call” - from just about every brokerage in our area.  Everyone was “impressed” by my sales.  Everyone wanted to show me what new things they were doing in their brokerages, and “see for myself” how their culture was different.  They wanted me to come for a meeting, and talk to certain people, meet the broker in charge, and other very key figures of their companies. 

“Come to us”  was the message that I heard over and over again.  

I think it is great when agents get a call from a managing broker, or a recruiter.  It feels like someone is paying attention to you - to your hard work, to your sales numbers, to your drive, and to your growing real estate venture.  You feel wanted - I certainly did - and the more other companies called me, the bigger my relatively small ego grew.  As agents, we feed on recognition.  We thrive on acceptance - by the industry, and most definitely by our peers. When someone in a management role for a competing brokerage notices us, it is a much needed boost to our confidence.  

I used to wonder why those companies that called me cared about my numbers, my production, my branding, and in some cases my presence in the industry, and often thought - maybe for a moment - that this call could have been much more pleasant had the person on the other line, for once, cared enough about getting to know me.  

Agents are more than their production numbers.  They are more than their GCIs, or their awards. There are real people, with stories - some with struggles that lead to victories, some of personal changes, and others of profound passion for our industry.  While some people were born into this industry, I am willing to bet most of us weren’t thinking about real estate when we looked at our career paths years ago.  If you only look at my numbers, my commissions, my splits, and my industry presence, you’re missing learning more about who I am at the core, and only making the assumption that our relationship ought to be based on mutually beneficial financial returns.  

To some agents, it is all about the money, the glamour, and the recognition.   Offer more in any of these categories, and some will sign papers on the spot.  It’s nothing personal - it is all about business.  

To some of us, however, real estate is more.

It is a soul ripping, emotionally gripping, core shaking business.  

It’s about the joy of a new home, the sadness of losing a home, the distressed client calls, the drama of couples over minor house issues, or the mending of relationships on the verge of failure. 

Real estate is the third element in our hierarchy of importance (after God and Country), the main anchor of our professional existence, and the conduit to a higher purpose. 

It’s what will guarantee another day in my home, without the knocking at the door of a bankruptcy attorney.  

It’s what fuels my habits and passions, and everything in between.  

It’s the missing link between me and the Cosmos.

It’s the rain in my Sahara, and my 16+ hours of sunlight in my arctic cap. 

Real estate is personal, protected, cherished and guarded unlike anything else we have.

Real estate, to some of us, is life.  

And when we do meet - because I am curious to know about you as well - I hope you’ll spend some time speaking to me about how I can always count on your support when my business dips, and my production stumbles.  I hope you’ll convey to me that I’m more than a number to you, and not just another head to your brokerage.  

Because in the end - while you might be taking a chance on my production numbers - I would rather hope that you'll take a chance on me.  

Billy EkofoComment