The Real Estate industry is broken.  More and more attention has been diverted to sales, growth, and more recognition of financial achievement.  Conversations are about leads, conversion, ROI, gross commission, technologies, and acquisitions - all the while alienating the very people and communities we, real estate professionals, are supposed to care for.  In the midst of trying to figure out what is the next big thing in our industry, we have moved the conversation away from the core of our business - people.  We have become so proficient in telling the rest of the world that we care about our clients, and about their dreams of homeownership.  The simple truth is that the public may believe an agent, but collectively, still distrust our industry.  Perception in this case is reality.  We reward and value sales' metrics over anything else.  We worship those who sale more.  We envy those who seem to have more business.  The world looks at us, and does not see anything other than people looking for their next sale.

No amount of education, training, or marketing can fix this.  Our industry is broken.